Working with healthcare providers, the STF ‘pHed’ initiative (pronounced ‘fed’) provides direct-to-door access to free fresh produce and other healthy foods for home-bound and at-risk populations experiencing chronic illness.

As one of 10 organizations accepted into the nation’s first ReFED Nonprofit Food Recovery Accelerator, STF’s pHed initiative targets qualifying patients experiencing food insecurity, chronic illness, limited mobility/transportation barriers, and/or financial hardship.

With an established network of 71 regional farm partners, STF is able to deliver fresh produce directly from farms to the patients’ doors, placing the power for health improvements back into the hands of patients.

Utilizing funds available through Value Based Programs, pHed provides both a sustainable and scalable business model, while creating opportunities for measurable and replicable improvements in chronic disease management alongside providers.

Catalyzing food as medicine, it is our hope that the hard work of our farmers can help hundreds of our neighbors gain access to healthier foods, and ultimately lead to improvements in health outcomes and decreased dependence on medications.